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Dear Key Stage 1,

 What a busy time we have had with our preparation for Mother’s Day and Easter!  You’ve all been wonderful in Showtime when you’ve practised your songs and all the teachers are impressed with you!  Don’t forget that some parts of our Mother’s Day work is a surprise, so don’t discuss all the things you have been doing at home!

As i have discussed with you in class, the windy weather predicted for the next couple of weeks means I have decided to postpone our ‘Great Fire of Meadowbrook’ project until the summer term.  I am sorry if you feel disappointed, but I hope you understand that your safety must come first!

Finally, I am sure that some of you have noticed that some of your tasks are starting to feel a little harder at school and that you are now expected to read and write more as you get older.  This is something your teachers plan for you to help you in your transition to your next class.  It is very important that you learn what it feels like to have to try harder and, sometimes, to not always be right or present perfect work.  This will be hard for some of you, but is a normal part of growing up and moving to the next step.  You are all capable and you all have plenty of people you can ask for help.  I look forward to providing you with some extra challenges to see how you push yourself!

In the meantime, enjoy the next couple of weeks…..we’re on a countdown to the Easter holidays! 





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