Year 1 & 2


Dear Lower Primary,

This is the last message I will write to you as a group!  In September, you will all be moving on to the next class and will form part of a new class community.  

Some of you will already know that you are likely to forget lots of the rules you have learnt so far if you don’t keep up your practise!  If you received your Rising Stars Maths books in a book pack at the end of term, you can fill up all the pages over the holiday, which will keep concepts fresh in your brain!  You are expected to keep reading too, and you could even write a journal about your holidays if you want to.  I would love to read about your adventures over the summer when you return in September. Balance this work with a good rest though, and enjoy yourselves! That’s what summer’s for!

If you need to be in touch over the holidays, you can keep in touch at:

Until then, have fun, stay safe and enjoy the lovely, long, lazy summer break!


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