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Dear Lower Primary,

What a lot of fun our Royal wedding day was on Friday.  It was lovely to see your designs for cakes, shields, wedding dresses and flags.  You are all very creative and inventive! Don’t forget to check the photos on Facebook to see if you can spot yourself and your friends in your fancy clothes.

Your Maths homework on Monday continues to test your knowledge of fractions, while your English homework will include you writing about the flags you designed to represent yourself.  I am not giving spellings again this week, as we will have the Summer 1 assessment on Friday.  PLEASE practise these words if you have not learnt them all yet…..this week is your last chance!

We also have lots of other assessments to cover, so please make sure you feel rested this week. You will sit your Summer 1 test for GVP, Reading Comprehension, Spellings, Science and Maths.  After that, it will be time for a holiday, which you will really deserve!

Have a lovely week,


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