Year 1 & 2


Dear Key Stage 1,

How lovely it was to see you all after the half term break and to hear about your lovely adventures!  I’m glad you have all noticed the days getting darker and colder and that you could talk about the clocks going back ready for winter.

This half term we are very busy!  We’ll be focusing on Celebration of Age to begin with, then move onto Christmas studies.  In Maths, we will continue to explore 2D and 3D shape, as well as adding and subtracting with numbers to 20 and 100, and skip-counting and tables.

In English, we will learn more about sentences and sentence punctuation and will focus on writing lists and letters. This will be very useful when you think about what you might want for Christmas!  Our History studies will  focus on timelines, our Geography focus is Maps and Mapping and our Science project finishes our Animals and Seasons studies and begins to look at Materials. 

There are lots and lots of school events and celebrations this term…….this is my favourite term and I just LOVE working through the Halloween, winter, Poppy Day and Christmas topics.  Make sure you are well rested for all the busy school days ahead!

Year 2, you have been given your RS Autumn 2 assessment list today.  Please ensure you practise them ready for your assessment at the end of term.

There is no homework and no other spellings this week.

Take care and have fun, 


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