Year 3 & 4



Dear Year 3 and 4’s

Welcome Back

I will be updating our homework and resource page soon.

Make sure to check back soon.

Welcome Back

We have a very busy term ahead, with a lot of fun activities, new adventures and friendships to make.

Please make sure that you have a look at the Rough Guide section – it will give you a look at what we have planned for this term.


Please keep up your daily reading and times-table practise.

Interactive Science Revision – Games and Activities


Guess The Sound Game 

BBC Bitesize – KS2 Science – Sound and vibration

 Year 3 Fraction Games…/halfquartersimm.htm

Year 4 Roman Numeral Games…games/…/crocs/roman-numerals-crocodile-grade-5-…

 Current Affairs:   Newsround

Maths:  Time tables games:

Literacy: Squeebles is a brilliant tool for self-directed spelling practise.

Rough Guide & Reading Lists

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