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 Dear Fixes,
This term, our Geography focus is on Our Changing Environment and the study of Coasts. We will extend our geographical vocabulary and learn about the different features of coastal environments, weathering and erosion. We will consider the effects of long-shore drift and research the flora and fauna of the British coast.
Your next homework challenge is to look at the National Geographic website below and prepare a presentation for your peers.
I would like you to read and consider the following website:
I would like you to define climate change and produce an informative presentation using the details.
This could be a poster, leaflet, fact file, or cartoon strip. Don’t forget to include a glossary and incorporate as many of your literacy skills as possible e.g. brackets, dashes, quotes from specialists, sub-headings, bullet points etc.
This homework is due on Monday 21st January.
Be creative and ensure to apply all your literacy tools, Julie









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