Year 5 & 6


18th July 2018

Dear Fixes,

I’d like to say a fond farewell to our Year 6’s who have been superb role models this year and left us a fantastic SAT’s legacy.  You will all be dearly missed and are very welcome to pop in for a chat and update; your final chapter at Meadowbrook has been written, but you will certainly not be forgotten.

During the holidays, maintain your reading and keep abreast of current affairs as this extends your world and general knowledge. Don’t forget to keep your numeracy skills tip top too and keep yourself challenged.

In September, I would like you to bring in an newspaper article that you would like to summarise to your peers in our first current affairs activity.  Don’t forget to regularly pop into the library and read Newsweek, or ask mum and Dad if you can subscribe online?

You will be receiving your Welcome Back letter in late August which will prepare you for the new academic year, so now it’s fitting to wish you all a fabulous, fun-filled break with your family and friends.

Julie & Aimee


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